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iKaraoke YS-81 Karaoke Wireless Microphone

iKaraoke YS-81 Karaoke Wireless Microphone

699.00 EGP

  • The YS-81 incorporates a new external noise cancellation filtering technology
  • The ability to catch and suck out the sound of the mic very well, loud, loud, honest and warm.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is fast and easy, compatible with all Karaoke software
  • Compact design, compact but still no luxury, beautiful design very firm hands.

iKaraoke YS-81 Karaoke Wireless Microphone


If you were to be able to sing karaoke before, you would have to have professional, expensive equipment. However, now with the release of the new upgrade from Micro Karaoke YS to Micro Karaoke YS-81, you can comfortably express your favorite songs anytime, anywhere, just spend a single Charge a lot lower.

Applying the latest ultra-modern noise canceling technology, the mic’s ability to catch and suck sound is good, the sound is loud, true, and warm.Compact design, compact but still no luxury, beautiful design very firm hands.


– Without adding too much on the features of this unique handset, the YS 81 mic incorporates most of the advantages of the front-line mic. All you have to do is connect the device to a regular smartphone that can sing the gas with vibrant sound, loud speakers, and a healthy bass that gives the user a sense of fun and satisfaction.

In addition, Mic with YS 81 speakers also overcome the disadvantage is the sound of the speakers are shaken, broken or suddenly suddenly loud speakers when friction in the mic. The knob function buttons are also handy to use. Great


  • ♦ Turn on the mic: Press the power button to start the device, the green light will go on.
  • ♦ Bluetooth connection: open your phone’s Bluetooth, select the device named YSD and tap to pair. There is a resounding sound that indicates the mic is connected to the phone successfully.
  • ♦ Karaoke: Open your favorite music player like YouTube, zing mp3 and play your favorite songs.
  • ♦ Now all of a sudden jumble of friends.
  • ♦ Note: – After the first successful pairing, the YS-81 mic will automatically start and pair with the phone when both are in the available state for the next use.
  • ♦ If you want to disconnect the device, simply turn off your phone’s Bluetooth or erase the device in the Bluetooth manager.


A: Bluetooth Mode (sing with Bluetooth microphone)
1.Turn on microphone,a blue light will come on and a sound will indicate that Bluetooth function is ready for use.
2.Search Bluetooth ID YS-81 on mobile phone/tablet/pc and connect.Note:it may promote for a password which by default is 0000.on connecting successfully there will be a sound alert.
3.Open any Karaoke APP or select music file from your device music player,and adjust your device accordingly.
4.Sing along
Note: If you want YS-81 as a Bluetooth speaker,turn off YS-81’s echo and volume.Bluetooth have memory function,when mobile phone is restarted,it can be connect automatically.
B: Wired Mode (singing recording same time function)
1. Download any karaoke APP/software on your mobile phone
2. Turn on YS-81
3. Connect YS-81and mobile phone
4. Open karaoke APP to choose songs and sing
5. Record the song as per the instructions on the karaoke APP.
Note: Bluetooth function must be disconnected.


  • ♦ Product Type: Portable Wireless Karaoke Microphone
  • ♦ Pickup: Capacitive
  • ♦ Bluetooth 3.0
  • ♦ Output Power: 3W Charging phones by USB interface during an emergency
  • ♦ Frequency Range: 100Hz to 10KHz
  • ♦ Maximum SPL: About 115dB 1KHz
  • ♦ THD: Up to 1%
  • ♦ Reverb Mode: Echo Sound Reverberation
  • ♦ Power Supply: Built-in lithium battery
  • ♦ Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh
  • ♦ Battery Working Time: 2 to 4
  • ♦ Charging Power: DC 5V
  • ♦ Phone Support: Supports Connecting to Android, Apple systems. With the APP, you can experience the effects KTV karaoke rooms and functions

Package Included:

  • ♦ 1 x Portable KTV player
  • ♦ 1 x USB Cable
  • ♦ 1 x User Manual
  • ♦ 1 x Micro USB to Audio Cable


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