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iPEGA PG-9077 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller

iPEGA PG-9077 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller

550.00 EGP

  • Compatible with vast majority of android phone, iOS, tablet PCs, Smart TV, TV box, PS3.
  • Designed for the ultimate gameplay experience with maximum comfort and ergonomics.
  • Optimum Sensitivity, Response and Excellent Tactile Feedback.
  • Phone Holder fit for most of 4-6 inch of smart phones.
  • TURBO is used more in fighting games with auto fight function. Your fingers would easily get tired if you continuously press the same button.With the Turbo, you can continuously fight by holding the set button.
  • Multimedia player buttons “Volume +, -,”Forward”,”Next “”Play / Pause” can be used under mouse mode.

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iPEGA PG-9077 Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller


the iPega PG-9077 gamepad, a Bluetooth controller specially designed for smartphones Android and iOS. The reason for this is that the PG-9077 has an extendable support suitable to fit mobile phones of different sizes. So, you can connect and synchronize via Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite games comfortably.

Design and construction

This model is part of the of the iPega collection. elements of the gamepad are clearly inspired by the two most popular game controllers, which is not bad at all. The designers of the iPega company brought out the best of each device and slightly modified those features. It has dimensions of 10 cm high, 16 cm wide and is 3 cm thick, it also weighs 200 g.

As an example of the improvements, it has rubber handles with an ergonomic design, which will give a soft and comfortable feeling in the palm of your hand. In fact, the rubber was used correctly, it is not too soft and it is not too rigid, because these elements hardly wear out, they provide a reliable grip for the hands.

In general, the gameplay is possible thanks to two joysticks, a d-pad, eleven front buttons and four buttons/triggers at the ends. These are distributed as follows: The D-Pad is on the left side, along with one of the joysticks; while on the right side it has the ABXY buttons accompanied by the second joystick. In the center is the extendable support that opens from the bottom, inside are the Home and Charge indicator. Also, on the sides of this gamepad, we will find the following buttons: left, from top to bottom is the turbo, start and select; Right, from top to bottom we have the iOS key, the iCADE key, and the Android key. Finally, the buttons L1, L2, and R1, R2 are positioned in their conventional place.

In addition, the protagonist of this review is equipped with a very interesting detail, more precisely an adjustable support for smartphones that is capable of holding devices diagonally with a screen between four to six inches. This is very convenient and pleasant since it also allows you to adjust the viewing angle up to 160 °.


This gamepad has a turbo function that can adjust the speed or slow down the response of the keys in the gamepad. This way you can freely configure your way of playing. The joysticks have an accurate position of 360 degrees, this is due to the adoption of grain caps on them, giving a smooth and comfortable feeling to avoid skidding when playing.

Connectivity and compatibility

A great advantage of the iPega PG-9077 gamepad is that it can work with Android-based smartphones, tablets, TV-boxes; iOS smartphones and tablets; with computers that run Microsoft Windows and even with a Sony PlayStation 3. For computers, the control is connected not only by Bluetooth but also by a cable that connects to the micro USB slot of the gamepad. However, in general terms, it has 3 types of connections in total: Bluetooth (version 3.0), USB cable and 2.4G wireless dongle.

As already mentioned, the grip extension (clamp, support) of the iPega PG-9077 is limited. So, you can only be able to connect phones with a maximum screen size of between 4 and 6 inches. If the width of your terminal (smartphone + case thickness) is greater than that, then you can not use this wireless extendable support. In addition, there is the option to use it without the need to place a device in the holder, which is the option for those who have tablets (Android or iPad), TV Boxes, PS3, among others.


The iPega PG-9077 is charged through the micro USB connector, only use the supplied cable to connect the gamepad to a computer though. The integrated built-in lithium-ion battery has a 380 mAh capacity and operates at a voltage of 3.7V. it is capable of powering the device for around 12 and 15 hours of use.

The aforementioned is surprising if we take into account that the charging time of the device is only 2 hours. You get a long lifespan for a short waiting time. To know the state of the battery this gamepad is integrated with 4 LED lights that indicate the remaining power and connection modes.


Brand: iPega
Model: PG-9077
Bluetooth: Yes. V2.1
Compatible with: Android, iOS, PC
Support systems: Android, iOS, PC, PS3
Material: ABS
Battery Type: Integrated
Battery capacity: 380 mAh
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Charge mode Through USB
Loading time: 2 hours
Use time 12 hours
Product weight: 200 g
Package weight: 300 g
Dimensions of the product: 16 x 10 x 3 cm
Dimensions of the package: 18.5 x 14.5 x 7.5 cm
Includes: iPega PG-9077, USB cable, user manual in Chinese and English

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