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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad

499.00 EGP

  • Joyfully enjoy the massive games in the market, and Support multiplayer mode.
  • Up to hundreds of games, not only can support Android platform games; it also supports the classic arcade game emulator like GBA PSP, etc.
  • Stably support for multiple devices like smart phone, pad, TV, TV box with Android platform 2.3 and above. Support phone models.
  • Perfect for fighting, shooting, racing and action gaming.

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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad



Xiaomi presented game joystick Mi Game Controller Bluetooth equipped with three-axis vibration sensor and realistic.

Joystick is equipped with Bluetooth that facilitates connection and eliminates the constant interruptions of communication. The ergonomic handle has a classic joysticks faired using modern composite materials, it is pleasant to the touch and comfortable to hold. Grainy surface prevents scratches on the surface, just so that there are no permanent stains from sweaty palms and fingers. The button layout has been developed with the direct participation of users with different size hands, helped arrange the finger-friendly buttons. Therefore, long-term use does not satisfy the joystick.


Location buttons

Phillips button and ball joysticks are positioned so that when you change the buttons during the game, you not to touch others. Beyond accurate positioning of the swivel arms 360 -gradusov provide accurate electronics.


Excellent design and ergonomic buttons

The curved contours of modern design has developed in such a way that the stick itself lies in the hands and you do not need to exert a lot of effort, so it does not slip out of hands.
The button layout has been developed with the assistance of users with different sized hands, which allowed the development of an almost perfect ergonomics. The buttons have been given special attention, they have a curved shape, which increases the contact area with a finger, when you do not fall and slide down. All this brings the fun of use, as long your fingers are not tired.


Swivel arm 360 ° with an accuracy of 0,172 °

The pivot arm has high positioning accuracy of 0.172, it is arranged so that the trembling finger does not move with the lever and you can enter the turns without stopping or run for re-moving fingers. Texture and material of the lever rule slip finger with a joystick.


Best asymmetrical dual vibration motor

Ultra -Realistic sense of shock and vibration
The engine with an asymmetrical motor has an adjustable vibration intensity using the software that allows the player to uchuvstvovat racing or extreme sports and have a realistic impact of vibration.


Three-axis gyro

Bluetooth joystick features a triaxial gyroscope from the leading international brand of Bosch G Sensor response is to accelerate the reaction of the three axes. After an accurate and simple settings, you can realistically manage in the direction of 360 degrees with no dead zones.


Smart Energy Saving

The joystick is optimized for Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission technology. The device gives a super-fast response and no delays with very low power consumption.
Use monitoring systems power Intelligent Power. The system can be a single charge 1 year in standby mode.


 Low-power intelligent power management system 

can stand for 1 year

Intelligent power management, 5 minutes without operation, the handle automatically enter the standby power saving mode, will close all the external circuit, standby time up to one year. Re-use a key to press the MI key to wake up, fast and convenient. Standard 2 x 5 dry batteries (with rechargeable NiMH batteries).

Support millet equipment

A key connection, online upgrade, support multiple handles

Millet TV, the box for the handle unique unique connection, the first time you can use the settings in a key to connect, after the handle can be automatically switched on, fast and convenient. Adapter MIUI TV system, can replace most of the remote control function. At the same time support online automatic upgrade, without any user operation.


* (Millet Bluetooth handle does not support the first generation of millet box

Adaptation handle massive game masterpiece
has landed MIUI TV Game Center

Millet TV, box game center has a massive game, and on the line of 14 specifically adapted to handle the game masterpiece, whether it is hall-level visual effects “torrent speedboat 2”, tank war games online “3D tank hegemony”, or beyond the FC era “Tank Wars” classic “Tank Wars 2014”, each section has a millet game carefully customized, playability strong, simple manipulation, to meet the needs of each family on the living room entertainment.


“All the gunfare” landing TV version of millet TV, box

“Fighting the whole people” is FPS competitive mobile phone games, exciting competitive games, fair game environment, comfortable operation feel, high-end next-generation game display technology, in the game you are free to jump shooting, experience the real 3D game world! Let you on the smart TV to regain CS, CF hearty experience and excitement. Tens of thousands of different characters, powerful opponents waiting for you to fight.


Torrent Speedboat 2: Speed Hurricane

By the North American prestigious and strength of the developer Vector Unit company for Chinese players tailored high-quality water racing game, the game screen fidelity, competitive tension and the diversity of play, the interface operation on a comprehensive improvement , More in line with the interests of Chinese players preferences, as a 3D water racing game to water motorboat racing as the theme, the player can perform at the top of the waves of their speed hurricane. The new motor boat, excellent environment rendering, coupled with realistic and delicate effect of water spray, so that players always come down like a water sports arena, feel the passion and excitement head straight.


3D tank hegemony

Tank war games online games, using the current popular U3D engine, the picture quality to be true, delicate, tanks are full 3D modeling, metal armor, track texture, turret bracket and other details clearly visible. At the same time relying on real-time dynamic lighting system to achieve the fire, metal reflective, daylight changes in the real ambient light effect, reducing the crawler fracture, armor breakdown, artillery bombs and other real physical effects. The game also provides players with a variety of Battle mode, Capture the Flag, melee, Legion war, team deathmatch and other competitive mode as you choose.


More exciting games


Has partnered with a number of game companies
more handle masterpiece about on-line


Supports more than 92% of third party gaming halls

Grape game room, micro game room, chicken simulator, KO gaming city, onion game room and other mainstream game hall variety of games, has been specifically for the millet Bluetooth handle for adaptation.


Compatible with all standard interfaces in line with Google and Bluetooth connectivity hardware

  • Smart TV
  • Network set – top boxes
  • flat
  • Phone



Length: 156 mm
Width: 104 mm
Thickness: 65 mm
Weight: 220 g.
Color: black
Interface Type Bluetooth
Type of Wireless Communication Bluetooth Ver3.0
Ergonomics +
Working distance 10m
G-sensor 3 axles
Power Save Settings +
Smart Brush +
Vibration +
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40 ° C
Storage temperature -10 ~ 50 ° C
The maximum operating current ≤300mA
In standby mode, Sleep Current ≤200mA
Working hours 2 AA alkaline batteries: motor is not running, working more than 80 hours at a time; full engine speed, operating time of more than four hours.


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