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Divoom Timebox-MINI

Divoom Timebox-MINI

999.00 EGP

  • Processor 296 MHz: The mastermind of each Timebox Mini
  • Flash 128 mb: Always room for new and exciting features
  • 2500 MAH: Ultra longevity ensures 8hrs+ playtime
  • 16 Million RGB Colors: The most vibrant and colorful speaker ever
  • Programmable LED : Discover the world of pixel art
  • Continuously updated:Each Timebox Mini will continue to evolve through the updates
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Divoom Timebox-MINI


The smart pixel art speaker

Divoom TimeBox-Mini is the most unique desktop companion with the versatile functions up in its sleeves. It’s a fine-tuned Bluetooth speaker, a pixel art canvas, a smart alarm, a LED lamp, also a powerful computing device. It will continue to evolve through the software updates, where it brings excitement and fun into your daily life.

Great audio

Equipped with a compact 5W full-range driver,our acoustic engineers fine-tuned the Timebox Mini audio with the latest DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology.

With a panel of 11×11 RGB LED, Timebox Mini delivers the most vibrant colors, and we also fitted it with the smaller LED. While consuming less energy, these smaller LED provides the almost equivalent luminosity as a 3W night light, and your pixel art now appear more vivid and detailed.

121 LED/ Full RGB /16M colors

Unleash the creativity

Creating pixel art has never been easier! You can create your awesome design within seconds. Doodle or Picasso, just unleash your creativity in the most convenient and modern way.

Make your own animation

While you need creativity to make the pixel art, you also need the logic skill to chain theframes togetherinto an awesome animation. This is exactly how the cartoon¡¯s made, and it¡¯s only logical.

Online Pixel Gallery

As a true fan of pixel art, share your awesome designs with the rest of the world, where others can download your inspiring works.

The dancing lights

Following the rhythms of your music, the Timebox Mini lights will dance to the beats. We also have some great lighting effects, where you can further enhance your audio experience with the vibrant patterns.

Don’t stop the beats

Everyone¡¯s a DJ with the Timebox-Mini. Play your favorite beat,and start jamming with the built-in sound effects.

Mood lighting

The Timebox Mini has the similar luminosity as a 3W night light, where you can select the perfect lighting that suit your mood. Pick the color and brightness, play the favorite beat; the night is young.

Sleep Aid

With both visual and audio stimulation, Timebox-Mini included 22 professional sleep-aid tracks that help you fall asleep faster.

Mini Games

Enjoy the endless fun on these mini-games with your family. We will continue to roll out some retro pixel games for the classic fun

Pixel Chat

Unique chat system that only available between you and your invited buddy,where you can surprise him/her with a pixel. design displayed on the Timebox Mini.You can send a pixel emoji/pixel design regardless your location; it will ¡®magically¡¯appear on his/her Timebox Mini.

Weather Report

Online weather report for your area, Timebox Mini is your little weather reporter on the clock.Weather report based on your GPS location.

Time Planner

Studying for a final, working out at home, or keeping track of a baby¡¯s dietary schedule; you can add/customize the planner on the Timebox Mini to better assist you.

Voice Memo

Leave a voice message on the Timebox Mini, it’s your personal reminder or a ¡®fridge notepad¡ for your family.

Stay updated

Both TimeBox -MINI and its mobile application will continue to evolve through the updates, where we will implement the suggested updates and tweaks by you.

 Features :

  • ♦ All new private exclusive chat with your friend/family,
  • ♦ Improve the time management by setting reminder for the important daily routines.
  • ♦ Automatically sync with the clock and time zone on your mobile device, you don’t have to adjust the time ever
  • ♦ Over 30 preset sleep-aid programs for the best sleep experience, and always feel energetic when you wake up.
  • ♦ Create a more detailed and vivid pixel art series with 121 Gem-style LED& full RGB colors
  • ♦ Enjoy the world-class audio through the fine-tuned speaker, and the built-in MIC and advance notification system.
  • ♦ Compact design for your office desktop, it’s a digital clock and more.
  • ♦ Built-in voice messenger and FM radio tuner



Specifications :

Product information
Dimensions  90L x 38 W x 91.2H mm
Weight  292g
Driver size  2″ full range
output power 5W
Frequency Response   60-20000Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 78 dB
Playback Time up to 10 hours
Battery Capacity 2500 mAh
Charge Time 3-3.5 hours
Battery Voltage  3.7V
Charging  via usb cable , 5V-1A
Bluetooth compliant Bluetooth V 4.0 smart
Wireless range  up to 10 meters
Packing details
Accessories  1 pc of TimeBox Mini
1 pc of USB Recharging Cable
1 pc of 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 pc of User Manual
Retail box size 107L x 55W x 135H(mm)
Carton size  47OL x 320W x 300H(mm)
Unit per Carton 32 sets/carton

Press the Handsfree button to pick up an incoming call.


Press and hold the Hands-free button for 2seconds reject an incoming call

Non-Bluetooth devices

  • ♦ Please connect the 3.5mm Auxiliary cable(provided)between the multiple TimeBox Timebox Aux-in port and the music source device.
  • ♦ You can daisy-chain does not AUX mode)together via their Aux out and Aux-in ports.
  • ♦ The daisy-chain function support the Bluetooth connection.

How to record a voice message on the TimeBox-Mini?  

You can record a voice message via the following methods:  a Using the Divoom app,  please select Voice Memo and start recording b Hold the play button until the record icon appear,  then press the same button again to finish recording Once a voice message is recorded,  a message icon will appear on the TimeBox-mini screen,  and can press button to playback the recorded message.  The message will remain until it has been played.  Once played,  the message will be deleted automatically.

LED display effect

Press the light button to switch between the different light modes, and hold the light button to change Effects

Connecting and Using TimeBox : 

  1. Download the Divoom App store or Google play
  2. Please the Divoom App fromApp Store or Google Play® process connect pair with the speaker in the device’s Settings/Bluetooth.For iOS,  the requires an extra step(Please launch the Divoom app,  and select”TimeBox-mini-light”  to pair)
  3.  You can use Divoom App to do the following:
  • ♦ Automatically sync with clock and time zone on your mobile phone
  • ♦ Stream music from your mobile device to the TimeBox-Mini via Bluetooth
  • ♦ Play songs from your phone and adjust the speaker volume
  • ♦ Choose different drawing patterns from the Gallery or create your own
  • ♦ set your custom sleep or wake up timers preset scenery or your music and lighting
  • ♦ customize the notification settings to alert a social media update
  • ♦ Enjoy an exclusive private chat with your friendly family
  • ♦ improve the time management by setting reminder for the important daily routines

To switch your current connected device to another Bluetooth device, please follow these steps:

  • 1-Launch the Divoom app and change the connected device in settings
  • 2-The LED display panel will flash the Bluetooth icon
  • 3 – Search and pair the TimeBox-Mini on the new mobile Device.


Divoom one-year limited warranty :
Divoom Warrants that its products shall be free from significant defects in material and workmanship of one-year from date of purchase. If the product malfunctions under conditions of normal use within one months from the date of purchase, and there is no external damage to the product casing, then the defective product may be exchanged for a new one. If any problems occur during normal use of the product during warranty period, and are not the result of human error, then the authorized Divoom dealer in local will repair free of charge. The authorized Divoom dealer in your country will, at its option, replace or repair for any product which proves to be defective in material or workmanship during warranty period.

This warranty is valid to the original purchaser only, accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase, and with original
factory serial number.

This warranty is only valid for Divoom products distributed by authorized dealers Internationally, Please contact
authorized Divoom dealer in your country, for authorized dealer information, please check a list of Divoom authorized
dealers, please click here.

What the warranty does not cover:
Misuse or failure to follow the product directions, improper installation.
Improper maintenance.
Accident, neglect, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature, unauthorized product.
Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by Divoom.
External causes, such as electric power fluctuations or failure.
Use of supplies or parts not meeting the specifications of Divoom.
Normal wear and tear.
Any other cause that does not relate to product defect.

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