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LeTv Smart TV Box U1 4k

LeTv Smart TV Box U1 4k

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  • Use Android intelligent operating system,stable play back,and low-power consumption
  • Support high-definition video output(HDMI)
  • Support 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual band Wi-Fi
  • Support multiple audio outputs(optical fiber,5.1 surround sound)
  • Support Dolby Digital Plus technology
  • Support DTS audio decoding technology
  • Support maximum video resolution of 3840×2160

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LeTv Smart TV Box U1 4k


The body is small, great function

Music box NewC1S lightweight, placed in the palm, you can immediately feel the delicate texture and smooth appearance of comfort. Its function is detached, the use of Amlogic 8726 processor; new to build exquisite LetvU1 3.0  TV operating system; standard with the new 16-key remote control, control has never been so simple;

Interface layout more reasonable and more comprehensive

interface to meet your external needs. RJ45 network port, AV interface ….. enough, easy to use.

Enjoy a large amount of genuine high-definition Internet 
TV shows, sports programs and a variety of audio-visual content

LeTV box not only allows you to enjoy the TV version of the content of music content-on-demand, as well as the music television channel familiar TV experience. 1080p Express lets you quickly enter the full HD visual world; 3D large library allows you to travel around the world at home.

LetvU1 system gives you a simple rich experience

Based on the depth of the Android system development, tailor-made for the big screen; simple interface, convenient and comfortable operation, as the same as the control of the mobile phone experience; 15 seconds easy to get set; weekly U1 are optimized for you updates, the storm is not wrong. Powerful box U1 system.

Letv Store smart TV applications market

Nearly 3000 models for the big screen tailored applications and games for you to open as much as possible interconnected big screen life. You can easily browse and find exclusive apps in the Letv Store , as well as download all the major apps in the Android Market.
Check the weather, the stock market, Letv store let you enjoy life.

I am not a television but a complete big-screen internet ecosystem

Super TV is one of the core components of LeTV’s complete ecosystem, vertically integrating the complete ecosystem of one cloud multi-screen video and big screen industry chain. To provide users with the ultimate experience of the complete value chain. Four-tier architecture, organic combination of the five engines, so that super TV has a very strong comprehensive ability, complete ecology, so that super TV beyond ordinary smart TV.


High-speed WIFI integrated wireless AP

With 802.11b / g / n Wi-Fi module, up to 150Mbps  speed, with high-speed broadband network, easy-to-play 1080P HD video.
Support PPPoE dial-up Internet, integrated wireless AP function. Support speed wireless network, support for stable and efficient cloud video platform.

Powerful local playback

Support for external USB storage devices, large screen images, audio and video files, compatible with mainstream market audio / video formats.

Big screen to share, will be magnified

Push colorful images from smart devices such as tablets and mobile phones to your TV, just use the wireless push feature on your smart device and wirelessly project wirelessly onto HDTVs.

standard remote control 

music as Couch full line applicable Ergonomic compact body, with clear and sensitive physical buttons, has never had a comfortable control experience. Full Chinese annotation effectively enhance functional recognition, exclusive elders of intimate design. Deep fit with LetvUI operating system, common features can be directly through the 16 keys, easy to return without any impact on ease of use.

Smartphone transforms the remote control

Download the app on your smartphone and you can easily transform it into a touch screen remote with support for the App Store and Android downloads. Easily and easily bring you to the world of your favorite video. Off-line during the day and download 1080P high-definition movies at night with their families to watch


  1. Use Android intelligent operating system,stable play back,and low-power consumption
  2. Support high-definition video output(HDMI)
  3. Support 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual band Wi-Fi
  4. Support multiple audio outputs(optical fiber,5.1 surround sound)
  5. Support Dolby Digital Plus technology
  6. Support DTS audio decoding technology
  7. Support maximum video resolution of 3840×2160
  8. Support MKV,WMV,MPG,AVI,MP4 and other mainstream video formats
  9. Support MP3,AAC,WMA and other popular audio formats
  10. Support JPG,BMP,PNG and other image formats
  11. ·Support SRT,SUB and other subtitle formats
  12. Support external subtitles and built-in subtitles
  13. Support category playback of files
  14. Support traditional Chinese interface
  15. Support internet network upgrade and local USB upgrade
  16. With friendly user interface,pressing keys on remote control can easily browse and watch massive programs
  17. Support family network interconnection,can be used as a media center and data center at home.

video output connection method :

HDMI Interface connect HDMI cable with the TV’s HDMI interface as shown in the picture

Audio output connection method :

Digital Audio Interface:Use an optical fiber digital audio line to connect the digital audio interface of power amplifier,as shown in the picture

Basic Settings 

To ensure that you get the best experience,please follow the prompts to complete the basic setup of the box when the system boots for the first time

Image Adjustment :

Please select the best match based on the resolution of TV at home. You can manually adjust the display area to get the best appreciation

Network Settings :

You can set up a wireless network and a wired network connection. For wireless network settings please follow the prompts to select the network you want to connect. If you switch to the wired network,connect the network cable.

urban setting :

Follow the prompts to select your city.

Activate your membership :

Letv has the most complete genuine film and television play copyrights in the country,with a wealth of video resources.Becoming a Letv member can obtain the best viewing experience. Please activate your membership in accordance with the prompts.Activating membership needs a Letv VIP membership card.

  • ♦ Please enter the recharge code at the back of the card to activate VIP member services of Letv,
  • ♦ When activating your membership,inputting your phone number can be used as-the login account of Letv.
  • ♦ After successfully activating the Letv membership,you can enjoy super-clear videos,viewing effect,Dolby sound and other audio-visual feast.

Technical Specifications

processor Quad-core
Storage memory 5GB
Operating Temperature -5〜45℃
Environmental Requirements Humidity 20-80(%RH)
Audio Optical Digital Audio Interface
Video Video Output has HDMI / AV Interface
Resolution up to 3840 x 2160
Power Supply Input voltage AC 200-240V 50 / 60Hz
Output Voltage DC 5V Output Current 3A
Power Consumption  <15W
Standby Power 0.5W
Size 110“110-25mm
Body Weight  About 200g
DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. All other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.
dts 2.0 Digital Out For DT patents,seehttp://patents.dts com,Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited。DTS,the Symbol,&DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks,and DTS 2.0 + Digital Out trademark of DTS,Inc.©DTS,Inc. All Rights Reserved
CE Conforms to all relevant European Directives
HDMI. The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface,and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing,LLC in the United States and other countries。
power supply 12V, 1A
USB 2 full-size USB interface, support for wireless mouse or USB optical mouse
Ethernet RJ45
HDMI Standard HDMI
SPDIF Optical audio output
SD card expansion SD card slot
AV Out 1 out of 3 (3.5mm round mouth)
WI-FI IEEE 802.11b / g / n, integrated AP
Infrared Built-in infrared receiver
Packge included Letv-U1
remote control
Remote control battery
Power Adapter
HDMI cable

Play method

Common Functions :

Additional information



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