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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Stylet

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Stylet

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  • Natural extension for you
  • Remote camera control
  • Display Control
  • Boost your experience with apps
  • Control as you like
  • Write notes on the screen as they close
  • The power of productivity in your hand
  • Live messages
  • Unleash your creativity
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Stylet


The smart gadget that characterizes Mobile Galaxy Note9 on other mobiles.

Natural extension for you

Draw, design, and refresh your ideas with the Sensitive Pen, responsive and precise control. Its 0.7mm tapered tip and 4096 level pressure will make it possible to draw precise, natural lines like the one you draw on paper.

Remote camera control

Take pictures in a way that others can not

Take the camera to the new level with camera control via the S Pen Pen. There’s no need to rush to beat the self-timer. Do not strain your arm to take a silvery image, not even suffering to take a collective silhouette.

Display Control

Control slides without touching your mobile

Connect the Galaxy Note9 to the Samsung DeX base and drag the display slides, then change the slides using the S Pen pen. Leave a great impression with a simple push of a button.

Boost your experience with apps

Take advantage of the Pen Pen with a range of your apps and other apps.  If you want to see the pictures shown in the studio or YouTube movies, just use the stylus to turn it on, off, or even switch between them, up to 10 meters away. To ensure more control, just set up your settings options.

Custom settings for you

Control as you like

Did you know that creating the functionality of your S Pen Pen is very easy? Just go to Settings, then choose the compression method to control the application, such as pressing and holding the button to open the camera application, and then press twice to move from the rear camera to the front.

Write notes on the screen as they close

Always ready

You can write everything that comes to mind, such as a list of your desired tasks or notes, and if you write notes to remind you at the time Later, just put it in the permanent display application on the screen or find it in the Samsung Notes app.

Samsung Notes

The power of productivity in your hand

Discover the simplest ways to maintain order and order. Applying Samsung’s feedback is very important to follow your thoughts. You can save notes written on the closed screen instantly, as well as set up categories to collect and withdraw meeting notes, project drawings, or other important ideas.

Live messages

Add your own touch to your messages

When the S Pen combines with emoticons, your chats become vibrant. Shuffle or draw on your face or pass your message by typing your notes.


Unleash your creativity

Edit your creative skills with the phenomenal PENUP community. Use the PENUP application to create and publish live graphics, or draw over your favorite photos using the photo-drawing feature.

Features : 

  1. Natural extension for you
  2. Remote camera control
  3. Display Control
  4. Boost your experience with apps
  5. Control as you like
  6. Write notes on the screen as they close
  7. The power of productivity in your hand
  8. Live messages
  9. Unleash your creativity

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